Saturday, 22 October 2016

Day Three #DiwaliWithPk- Time for some Diwali cleaning

There is something about an unorganised room that I absolutely love. It's a messy wardrobe that I have a soft corner for because it psychologically plays with your mind and you end up feeling that you have all the clothes in this world. But once in two months there comes a time when I feel the responsibility of a swacch(clean) India is on my nazzuk(weak) shoulders ?  But honestly, I feel so much better after cleaning my room, on discovering clothes or even a pen that was lost in some corner. And the next few days I feel so much better because I can easily find what I want, my parents don't shout at me which means my mood is always good! Also, cleanliness is next to Godliness wasn't quoted just like that it actually stands true!

Anyway, our mind is like our room. It's a mix of things we need and things we don't. Things we love and hate. Things people give us and in the case of our mind it's what 'they'say.  More than our rooms I believe it's our mind that needs to be cleaned first! So, in today's post, I am going tell you some easy and quick ways to clean what Munna Bhai and Circuit call 'uppar ka malla' (mindas in our mind! And I promise I won't ask you to meditate!
1) Take a piece of paper and write all your problems
2) Now divide the problems into parts:
  • Uncontrollable
  • Controllable

3)''Jalla do saali ko'' Remember this dialogue from the hit Jab We Met? Well, preach it and let go off all the things that aren't in your control. Can you change the size of your feet? At twenty-four it's practically impossible for your height to increase. Pain is an inevitable part of our lives but suffering for something that has no end is stupidity!
4) What are things that are in your control ? The list is obviously endless but it all comes down to one thing and that is 'willpower!' Your dreams, the size of your waist, relationships, etc. are all under your control. Focus on these things. You know what you have to do if you want to lose/gain weight. Break up if your boyfriend/girlfriend isn't worth it. Work hard because that's the most honest and successful approach for achieving your dreams.
5) We read and sometimes even write so much negative about our country on social media. One it brings negativity in our minds and two, it pictures India as the most heinous country in this world, which it isn't, okay? Our country is beautiful and that's what you need to think and tell the world. Trust me, it feels horrible when somebody from a foreign land says bad about your country! So, this Diwali make sure you delete all the negative thoughts you have about your country, your home!
6) There is something about being in a room with just mirrors, isn't it? Suddenly the Gigi Hadid that hides in front of people comes out and you feel as if the world is your runway! People always compliment me that I am very happy and confident. Well, I won't disagree because I don't take what others say about me to heart. It's only my parents, grandmother and two childhood friends whose opinions really matter to me. And if I am sad which I usually am then I don't show it to people because I don't like highlighting my weak points. So, please I would request you all not to take what others tell you seriously. Also, we are the internet generation and there are so many attractive people on social media, don't take them seriously either just take inspiration from them if you want. And if not then don't say anything negative about them because why would you?
''Well, I must say your planner is pretty boring and unworthy, who has the time to do all these things?''
Those were the exact same words a girl in my class used today but did that stop me from writing to you all today? No. It won't. It never will! Why? Because happiness requires struggle. The positive is the side effect of handling the negative. You can only avoid negative experiences for so long before they come roaring back to life. So, there are some negatives that you don't have to avoid because they will lead to positives!
So, this Diwali clean your mind because mothers will make sure you clean your room!

                                     This quote keeps the negativity at bay!

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