Thursday, 20 October 2016

Day One #DiwaliWithPk- For those who have never tasted cheese

Day One- First things first calculate the amount you spend on crackers then buy some interesting food items like Pizzas, burgers, etc.. Second, select an NGO of your choice and distribute the food items to the needy. Why pizzas and burgers? Well, unlike us they don't have the luxury to feel what cheese tastes like. I am sure they have had enough of puri cholay and aalu by now! And don't distribute it to the beggars because they got enough money, trust me they do! I will blog about it super soon!

If you follow me on Instagram then you'll know I decided to 'practice what I preach.' In my last post, I shared a ten day long Diwali planner and this is what the crisp version of the same looks like:
Day1- For those who have never tasted cheese
Day 2- Out and about--> Attend a Diwali Mela
Day3- D.I.Y Diyas
Day4- Shop till you drop
Day5- Adopt a plant
Day6- Clean that mess
Day7- Read about our culture
Day8- Dress those who cannot afford to dress  themselves
Day9- Chothi Diwali---> Workout and attend a cards party
Day10- Happy Diwali ---> Decorate. Enjoy. Pray. Spend time with fam jam. REPEAT
Also, don't forget to follow the 'Happy Diwali Policy'
You can read the detailed version here-->
Today I decided to go according to the planner but with a little twist. I ordered ten McAloo Tikki burgers but instead of going to an NGO I decided to distribute it amongst the labourers who are helping us renovate our home. Also, I ordered a burger for the two maids and the guard uncle outside my building.
While distributing them the burgers I went back to the time when I was four and my brother was three, our parents would always take us to McDonalds on Monday, buy us a Happy Meal and make sure that I sat on Ronald McDonald. I remember I would literally wait for Mondays not just because of the burgers and the toy but also because I would get a chance to sit on the revolving chair!
Slowly, things changed and  McDonalization wasn't just about McDonalds! Well, it was never just about McDonalds but you get what I am saying, right?
New restaurants opened, I grew up and discovered cheese pizza! I got back to McDonalds every time I travelled abroad and needed some vegetarian food. Basically, I took McDonalds for granted and in fact, even today I was supposed to order pizza because I heart pizza and look for little opportunities to have a slice! But Dominos decided to ditch me and I could not connect with them and then came to my rescue burgers and pizza puffs that I loved while I was growing up!
There was a smile, a relief on their faces as I distributed the burgers. Most of them left their work in the middle and decided to hop on them. The four-year-old Prerna who waited for Mondays could relate to their smile and excitement. Some of them who were working in my brother's room locked it because they said they were too shy to eat in front of us! Can you imagine?
On days when my mother plans not to cook or I plan not to eat the 'yellow daal', I order anything that I want and I am no longer excited about it because well, it's just a burger and just another tastier option over 'daal.' Daal, that makes them work from nine in the morning to ten at night. The daal we love, the daal they cannot always afford!
Put a smile on a face this Diwali. Do something for others who deserve and appreciate little things a lot more than you and me. I promise you'll have the most beautiful sleep ever!
If you plan to do something similar then make sure you tag me in your pictures and videos. Also, don't forget to use the #DiwaliWithPk

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