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Day Two #DiwaliWithPk- Reviving our tradition through Vishwakarma Day

  It's nine in the morning and I am cursing myself for getting up so late. If you know me personally then you'll know my love for early mornings. Anyway, While I was having my breakfast I got a call from an aunt who liked what I wrote yesterday on the blog and wanted me to write an essay on an Indian Festival for her son. As I cut her call I felt disturbed because her son is  seven, so did she mean I write like a seven-year-old? I spent the next four hours cribbing about the same when I suddenly realised it was three and I had not even planned anything for 'Day Two #DiwaliWithPk.' According to the planner I should have attended a Mela or visited Dilli Haat but that wasn't possible  because of my lazy schedule.  However, I went through  the planner to see what is that one thing that I could today and my eyes rested on this:
Day Seven
If you read my last post you would know how upset I am because most of us don't know anything about our tradition. So, on day seven pick up any festival and read up about its history, relevance, etc.. Trust me, it will be worth it!
Now this clearly means that I will be celebrating Day seven today but the question is which festival or holiday(that's what festivals are to us now, right?) should I write about? After a lot of thinking, planning and plotting I decided I will research and write about Vishwakarma Day. All I know about the festival is that it comes after Diwali and is another government holiday! I call up my father and tell him I need his urgent help and he must leave all his work to tell me about Vishwakarma Day because talking to elders about festivals is always better than googling! After taking notes and irritating both my parents, I finally sat down at five to write about it!
Who is Lord Vishwakarma?
My father says  he is known as 'The Technical God.' Credited with the science of architect and therefore, he is also known as the 'Architect Of Gods.' Considered to be the sole architect and craftsman of Triloka or The Tripartite Universe - heavenly realms and their worlds, the mortal realms and their worlds, and other celestial realms. His craftsmanship is considered to be limitless. Apart from creating weapons for Gods that were used during the mythological times he also crafted Dwarka the city of Lord Krishna! The Mahabharata describes Lord Vishwakarma as The Lord of Arts!
In idols and images, he is represented with water, pot, the Vedas, noose and craftsmen's tools in each of his four hands.

                                              (Image courtesy: Google)
When do we celebrate Vishwakarma Day?
It is celebrated twice a year on the 17TH September and the day after Diwali.
Why is it celebrated?
The relevance of the festival gains momentum because Lord Vishwakarma is not just associated with creation but also a manifestation of sciences and humankind. The festival celebrates art, craftsmanship, humankind, architecture, science and creation!
Who celebrates it?
Workers, artists, craftsmen, engineers, architects, industrial and factory workers, smiths, welders, weavers, mechanics and basically all those who earn a living with craftsmanship!
How to celebrate it?
Well, all the above-mentioned people  worship their tools and pray. It's on this auscpicous day that  they don't touch their tools.  It's the only day when the entire workforce comes together to pray to Lord Vishwakarma so they can improve their craft and learn better in the coming year. After the puja is performed, Prasad(offerings) is distributed among the workforce!
Some artists worship artists they admire  or their guru(teacher) on this day.
Honestly, I felt really bad because to me Vishwakarma Day always meant another day off. And I feel worse because as an artist I did not know about this festival. Art helps me take a break from the world around me, it's like meditation. And I even thought of taking painting as a career but a lot of people suggested artists aren't respected in India and I did feel the same until today!
 Which other countries in the world has a National holiday to celebrate craftsmanship and art? I don't any and honestly, I did not want to google it either. I know we do have a World Art Day and we the proud westernised Indians celebrate it by uploading a picture of our work with #WorldArtDay #LoveArt! 
I don't know about you but I have never seen  pictures or read articles about an artist celebrating Vishwakarma day! So, fellow artists Vishwakarma Day is on the 31st October this year and I would love to see pictures of your paint brushes, needles, welding machines, fry pans(cooking is an art too) pens if you write and basically pictures of your tools. Tools that help you create art!
Follow the ritual this 31st by worshipping Lord Vishwakarma and your tools of course! If we start respecting our tradition which has gifted us a beautiful day to celebrate art who knows citizens of our country might start respecting us artists as well!
Also, if you know any interesting facts about Vishwakarma Day then please do let me know in the comment section below and if by chance I mentioned something that wasn't appropriate then I am extremely sorry!

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