Sunday, 30 October 2016

Day Ten #DiwaliWithPk- Happy Diwali!

And that's my happy reaction when I realise it's Day Ten as in last  day of #DiwaliWithPk

The past few days have been extremely crazy all thanks  to my spontaneous decision of going ahead with the planner! First things first, I would like to thank you all for the love, blessings and support it really helped me pull off what seemed like a nightmare. Secondly, I promise I will come next year and the posts will be a lot better with great pictures because I'll preplan, unlike this year. The Diwali Planner, of course, will be different and I'll make sure working professionals can easily follow it.
Also, if you are 'cracker obsessed crack kid' then I am pretty sure you must have spent thousands on crackers and are bursting them at the moment. Well, congratulations because you just polluted Delhi a lot more. Feel guilty about it if you are not because you could have easily spent those thousands on something else or someone else or yourself! It's because of the pollution you just created that our country is considered an 'unfit' residence so thank you!
 If you spent the entire day sitting at home, doing nothing but snapping then congratulations1 You need to feel guilty because you wasted a precious day. You should have spent the entire day cleaning and decorating your house or should have spent  it with your family.
Well, it's done and  it's gone. I hope you all had an amazing Diwali if not then there is always  the next year! Please maintain cleanliness around you even when it's not Diwali. Tomorrow is Vishwakarma Day so if you are an artist make sure you worship your tools! Be good and always have a clean mind. Also, I hope you all did what I asked you to do on Day Nine and that is worship Lord Ram and Goddess Sita!
Stay tuned as  I am working on a really cool series for my blog. and I'll be publishing it every Tuesday from next week! i!

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