Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Day Six #DiwaliWithPink- D.I.Y Diyas for Diwali

 First things first I would like to apologise for being so late. This was supposed to go live yesterday and if you follow me on Instagram then you'll know that I was busy cleaning my room and got down to work really late. So, anyway, day six as in yesterday was all about painting diyas!

 If you are planning not to buy mitti diyas then think again because miles away a family desperately waits for Diwali because it's the only time of the year when they know they will be able to feed their families! They are really inexpensive my mother purchased fifty diyas for hundred bucks and there are thousands of families who earn a living by working hard so that they can light up our homes! So make sure you purchase mitti diyas instead of Chinese or Thai or whatever diyas you are planning to them. Support the artists of your country and add to their life just like they add light to yours!

If you plan to paint like I did and are looking for some inspiration then please continue reading.
Things you will need
Mitti Diyas(lamp of soil)
Paint Brushes
Acrylic colours
Dry Sparkles
Mirrors and other decoration material of your choice. 
If you don't want your mother to paint your face red then don't forget to spread a mat or newspaper on the floor 
Some Basic Tips:   
If you want the process of painting to be fast and smooth then please use a thick painting brush.
I was desperate to put this post fast so I stayed up late and was extremely sleepy and ruined a few diyas. So, make sure you do this with a fresh mind because you will enjoy more!
Paint  in one direction.
Always keep a cloth by your side. 
The mirrors won't stick properly on the small diyas so, buy bigger diyas to stick mirrors

If you plan to add some designs then make sure you draw them on a piece of paper or with pencil on the diyas. This will give you more precision when you use colour
Keep the sparkles towards the end because it will make your working area extremely messy. 
Also, make sure you wash your diyas after twelve hours. It takes time for the diyas to absorb colours. I still haven' washed mine!
Keep the diyas at a good a distance from each other because you don't want them to stick to together and catch colours.
Keep a check on the diyas while they are drying because they tend to stick with the newspaper when wet.
Those were some of my tips. Also, please make sure you tie your hair properly unless you want to colour your hair!

You can paint inside,  make a leaf or  polka dots or basically anything you want to. Just play with your creativity and light your D.I.Y diyas on Diwali!
If you paint diyas then do upload pictures and tag me or use the hashtag #DiwaliWithPk

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