Thursday, 27 October 2016

Day Seven #DiwaliWithPK- Life is a Diwali Mela

   I know I should be writing about Day eight but honestly, I decided on the evening of Nineteen October that I am going to start #DiwaliWithPk from the twentieth. It was a spontaneous decision and I haven't been able to execute it the way I wanted to but as my friend Shiven said, ''you should be happy that you are doing something about it!'' Well, I am happy and I was extremely happy yesterday but with a sore back all the thanks to diya painting till 3:00 a.m!
So yesterday which was the seventh day I ticked off another thing from the planner. Do you know I love colours? I love places where there is something in every corner, something that I like , something that I might not like but there is something and it;s decorated beautifully!And it reflects in my personality too. So, if you still haven't guessed then I'll tell you I went to a Diwali Mela on day seven and at night I even attended a cards party where nobody played cards well, at least I did not see anybody playing cards. Everybody was just talking or drinking or laughing and basically, everybody was happy!
I had an option of choosing between Diwali Mela and Dilli Haat and I obviously chose the former because the Diwali Mela I went to holds a special place in my life as it was in my college! I have always attended it as a college student but for the first time, I attended it as an alumnus. The best part about it this time was meeting the professors though I'll always be their student but this time we spoke about different things. For instance, they did not well, actually, they could not  ask me why I am not attending classes or have I started studying for the semester exams!  Ah, how I missed those days and how I wish I could get them back and how terrible I feel that I am getting old minus the wrinkles!
The Mela was exactly how it used to be, colourful and traditional. Students in ethnic wear, loads of food, cotton candy, chuski, DJ photobooth and of course, my favourite the tarot reader! I was supposed to buy myself a chuski but I guess the Tarot Reader sensed that there is some girl out there who wants to shell out some money, she sent some vibrations that reached my grey cells and there I was paying her two hundred rupees for five questions! She looked exactly how tarot readers are supposed to look 'happy', 'positive' and with a glow that can fail Syska Led lights all thanks to 'reiki healing!'And if you are wondering if four out of five questions were about love then no! In fact, she herself randomly told me about it. I asked her about things that mattered and at the moment  love does not.
Though everything was same but there was something different this time something unfamiliar was it the people around us? Earlier I knew almost everybody and everybody knew me and  it was so much fun. Today even fifty people did not greet us because well, they did not know about us. We did say hello to some juniors and the canteen wale bhaiya and the dog and the classrooms but that's about it!
Before leaving me and Tanya my friend who accompanied me to the Mela and without whom my college life would have been absolutely unbelievable decided to go to the Photobooth because why not? We got two pictures clicked that we still haven't received and then went a little crazy clicking each other!

                                                              Isn't she gorgeous?
On my way back home a tear dropped out of my eyes because I  knew I wouldn't come back to the same place tomorrow like I did every year after the Diwali Mela. I won't back to go to CCD to wait for my friends so that we could grab a coffee each and go to college together. I won't come back to create memories as a college student . Though the one's I have are beautiful and in my head my college life will always be one big Happy Mela!
It's almost five when I reach home and all I want to do is crash. But no, I don't do that I update about my day six, get some rest and dress up because it's time for cards party!
It was at some venue I had no idea about but I was excited as I knew the people who were coming, I knew almost all the uncles and almost all the aunties. I was only unhappy about the way I looked. You know there are days when you are wearing an amazing outfit, your lip shade is on point but you don't feel 'sexy!'

                         Fact: I make weird faces when I am not feeling too good about myself! 
After greeting everybody I went and sat next to my gang of friends and we were all discussing the girl sitting next to me or should I say the bride to be! We weren't really discussing her but pulling her leg because that's our  job. Everybody should irritate the bride to be just to ignite the feeling that ''I want to leave this place because of these monsters and I am glad that I will be doing it very soon!''  Though most of the people on our table were extremely tired which is  wrong because we are the young one's and are supposed to have the maximum amount of energy and we can totally cut me from this list because I can absolutely give Ranveer Singh competition!
 Right in front of  our table were the people who had sponsored the dinner or should I say the table of the old but young at heart angry men! They were in their own zone discussing work and whisky!
But what made this card party a colourful Mela were the  ladies, the mothers! After a long day of taking care of kids, cooking, arguing with the maids, working they still looked so  happy, were full of energy and looked spectacular in their respective traditional outfits!  Their laughter I am sure could be heard across the street, no ye zada hogaya, right? They might kill me if they read this but anyway, ladies we love you well, at least I do. It's your energy that literally drives the entire house, it's because of your support that we all are trying to do something with our lives and without you our days are incomplete. It's because of you that I can say my life is a Big and Happy Diwali Mela!

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