Sunday, 30 October 2016

Day Nine #DiwaliWithPK- Let's worship Lord Ram, of course without any expectations!

Friend: 'Why do we just worship Goddess Laxmi on Diwali and  not Lord Ram and Goddess Sita?
PK: Um... I don't have an answer to this question.
Friend: #DiwaliWithPk, you will have to answer this question!
PK: Well, I'll try!

He asked me that question on Day two of #DiwaliWithPk and since then it's been playing on repeat in my head. I asked a lot of elders about it and for reasons being obvious they gave me a blank look. After a lot of thinking, speculating with my grey cells and not sleeping I came up with something. This doesn't exactly answer the question but I promise it will satisfy you!
Disclaimer: Don't question my faith because I do believe in God. This is my opinion and you can disagree if you want to. Also, atheists can stop right here!
 Faith- it's questionable and of course, debatable. Why does our faith in Lord Hanuman and Lord Shiva suddenly increase on Tuesday and Monday respectively? Well, because mummy papa nein sikhaya tha, right? Why do we 'just' worship Goddess Laxmi on Diwali? Why do we celebrate Dhanteras? Well, the answer is 'money!' What happens when we buy a new toothpaste? The paste flows smoothly and we don't have to press too hard. That's exactly what happens to us when we 'ask' God for something. Everything comes out in one go basically, we become like a fresh tube of toothpaste. When we are supposed to take an action about it as in our prayers. we act like an old tube of toothpaste. The one that is to be pressed hard and when the going gets tough we need to cut it with a pair of scissors just to check 'agar kuch bacha hai!' 
The end of  fourteen-year-long struggle of Lord Ram and Goddess Sita is the reason why we 'should' celebrate Diwali. But unlike Goddess Laxmi what will we worship them for?

  • Determination and will power
  • The ability to struggle for someone we love
  • Patience 
  • Teamwork because he did not do it alone

These are difficult to ask for and of course, practice! But the truth is Goddess Laxmi won't walk into your life, if like Lord Ram you are not patient, honest, determined to achieve something/ someone you love and struggle.
So, this Diwali while you are praying to Goddess Laxmi to shower you with money don't forget to worship Lord Ram and Goddess Sita and of course, Lord Ganesha because you need the wisdom to spend money that comes in your life once  you have 'honestly' worked hard for it! I emphasised on 'honesty' not just because it's the best policy but also because God  is watching you. Shortcuts might help you reach your goal faster but they will ensure you don't stay there for long!
My mother first read Maha Shiv Puran way back in 2008 and since then every year during Shravan month she reads it and practices what Lord Shiva has to say. His main ideology was to love, enjoy life, be fierce when required, don't bother about others think of you as in just be yourself and those who know my mother know she doesn't really care of what others think about her.  Her faith, laughter or thought process. So, if you believe in any particular God, then make sure you read their history and ideology and practice what they say.
You love your crush even though you know she/he might not want to be yours, well, you need to pray with the same mindset. In simpler terms, 'pray like you love your crush, without any expectations!' 

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