Sunday, 23 October 2016

Day Four #DiwaliWithPk- Dressing up those who can't afford dress themselves

''Call up a friend you love shopping with but don't shop for yourself. No, don't shop for your families either but shop for those who don't get wear new clothes on Diwali like you and me. Also, I am not saying buy outfits for twenty people, putting a smile on one pretty face would be amazing if you can do that! And you don't have to go to a mall there are so many weekly markets. Don't you think it'll be fun to shop at a weekly market with your friends? I have never done that and I am definitely going to do this!''

Celebrations over the years have changed so much, don't you think so? As a kid, I remember there use to be a shortage of space in our house because of the endless Diwali gifts we use to get. My mother would never let me open the gifts because the monster baby that I am and have always been I would tear apart the wrappers. Well, you know how mothers are they want to save the good wrappers just to  keep them under the bed and copy paste  on some other gift! The beautiful wrapper must have visited a house or two for sure.
 As kids, gifts were so important to us but as we grew up, got busier and lost in our phones we forgot about the times when a box of Cadbury was all that we needed. Back then gifts defined our status and today it's the money we spend during card parties. The money wasted on card parties doesn't hurt us but the extra money we have to give to our staffs during Diwali kills us. Why wouldn't it? Unlike card parties it creates a whole in our pocket!
The Diwali we give means so much to millions of people. To some it means an extra bowl of rice, for some, it's a good night sleep because their tenant won't run after them for rent, for some, it means sending some extra cash home and the list goes on!  Apart from decorating my home for Diwali with my mother, my favourite part is removing the tag from my new traditional outfit and taking pictures for Instagram! Clicking pictures is a luxury for those people. Today I clicked a picture of my favourite Geeta aunty who comes to clean the dishes in my house. She dressed up for a festival that is particular to her community. If somebody clicked a picture of me then I would have asked them to Whatsapp it  to me and Geeta aunty couldn't do that but that did not dim the glow on her face after getting clicked!

Tomorrow I am all set to make two other faces happy because I shopped with my mum! The purple saree is for the lady who ensures that the Mandir(temple) in my area is clean and the blue for the lady who ensures that every corner at my father's office sparkles beautifully!

                                                                 (Price: Two-fifty Rupees)
                                                         (Price: Five Hundred Rupees)
I mentioned the prices of these sarees just to let you know how inexpensive happiness is. That's the amount we mostly spend on things we don't need, on a few glasses of beer, every week at a theatre and the list goes on! I can only imagine the number of times they wear their respective sarees unlike people like us who don't repeat their clothes once the world sees them on Instagram!
So, out of all the things that are there in my Happy Diwali Planner/ list I would request you all to do this one because:

  • It's inexpensive
  • The person who will wear the outfit will bless you even  after it withers and the plastic lives we lead we need blessings! 
It could be the maid who cleans your house, the watchman who protects your building or the man who rings your bells and says,''madam, sabzi lelo!'  This Diwali before you put a smile on your friend's face by knocking at her/his door for a cards party put a smile on a face who is not a part of your family or friends circle but a part of your daily life without whom your everyday tasks won't be possible! Click a picture of your house help, tell her she looks beautiful and then check the glow on your face after you made someone else happy!

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