Monday, 24 October 2016

Day Five #DiwaliWithPk- I got Wings On my Feet

 Go shopping! Oh come on, who doesn't like to shop? Well, that's exactly what Day Five was about and today, it was al about me!

After a shopping spree, we just don't bring new clothes but also new stories. Stories that stay with us longer than our outfits and the stories gain momentum every time someone says, 'that outfit looks great on you!' You suddenly, feel like wearing that particular dress more often because it was loved by so many people you love because haters never compliment they just try to bring you down. We obviously do have some horrible shopping experiences but we should try and forget them by purchasing better clothes. Today, I went on an impromptu shopping spree with my favourite person in this whole wide world. And I plan to take her to London one day so that together we can shop at the Oxford Street!
It was four in the evening and I was busy cleaning my room and sulking because my shopping plans with my friend got cancelled. Suddenly, my mother informs me that I will have to go and shop today because we have to go out tomorrow night and I WILL HAVE TO WEAR TRADITIONAL CLOTHES! ''Also, beta Diwali is coming and I won't let you wear the suit you wore last year!''
Well, if you know me personally then you'll know why I don't shop for traditional clothes. Anyway, she calls my nani(maternal grandmother) who obviously agrees to go shopping with me because  my mother India was busy!
                                              (A selfie with my Nani dearest at a family function!)
There have been very few instances when I have shopped without my nani. It's always been nani, mum and me and honestly, I hate shopping without them! Shopping with them is fun because our eyes automatically land on the same outfit. Also, my nani thinks that I have a great personality and everything suits me and I love people who have such deep and honest views about me. I love her even when doesn't compliment me because she is my nani and I love her. Well, it's true I too believe I have a great personality but just need motivation from Parineeti Chopra!
 Anyway, we grab a cab and go to one of my favourite places in this world M Block Market, Greater Kailash One, popularly known as GK One! My reason to go to there was to get rid of my nose pin that had literally reached the edge.  From there we were supposed to go to Select City Walk because who doesn't like variety?
While walking on one of the most popular fashion streets of Delhi I spot a store by one of my favourite designers. In fact, she is one of those few Indian designers who has the credit of dressing up celebrities like Kate Middleton and after today, future celebrities like me. I know I should stop with self-obsession but i can't help it! Anyway, her story inspires me and makes me believe I too can become a designer one day. She started with three machines that were kept in her balcony and today, she has four brands or babies as she likes to call them. She is Anita Dongre whose gotta-patti collection is all that I dream off during the wedding season.
Before I can afford an Anita Dongre customised lehenga, I step into Global Desi which is favourite amongst people who love vibrant clothes unlike me because Pk loves and wears 'black.' I never go to 'global desi' because the first time I did,  I absolutely hated the collection and never went back! In my heart, I knew I would come back after two minutes but I still walk in and ask the sales girl for a long skirt. And boy, I instantly fell in love with the  'blue' skirt and  the 'cyber lime' crop top. I tried it on and I knew I had to purchase it! I picked up a few more outfits and  nanis are never wrong! I do have a great personality because everything looked just perfect! I was constantly smiling not just because  it was my first time purchasing something that has Anita Dongre's name to attached to it! I was so happy that I did not buy one but four outfits!
From the feel of the fabric to the design and colours, I knew that my Diwali was going to be exactly the I want it to be-FASHIONABLE!  There was an unusual smile on my face as I 'pulled; a door that said 'push.' A smile that promised to come back to satisfy my fashion appetite and of course, create  yet another whole in my pocket!

                                                                    I love the yellow! 
If you still haven't shopped for Diwali then make sure you do check Global Desi's #BohoFestive which will definitely give you the #WingsOnMyFeet (name of collection) kinda feel In case, you want to know what all I purchased then follow me on Instagram because I'll be sharing the pictures very soon!
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Share your favourite shopping story in the comment section beloe because I love to hear them!