Friday, 28 October 2016

Day Eight #DiwaliWithPk- Time to adopt and inspire!

This is going to be probably my shortest post so far but when I decided how to go about it, I gave myself a pat on the back! So, the only thing left from the planner to do apart from writing about Chothi Diwali and Diwali was to adopt a plant. Yes, I have done it all and it's time to pat myself again! The bad part is that couldn't go to a nursery to adopt a plant because Diwali time and too many guests. The good part is that I decided to take care of one plant that is available in my house and if I will be able to do it then in future I will adopt 'plants!' It's like practising babysitting before you can plan your own baby. Adopting plants is any day easier, isn't it?
So, from the past three years, I have been praying to the Sun. I offer water and chant some Mantras. I basically pour the water into a bucket and then transfer it to any plant that I want. I chant the Mantras for some reasons that I cannot share but it's been extremely beneficial and those who know me have seen the changes and still do. So, I decided I'll pour the water in the plant that I have decided to take care off. Why is that? So, that I can pray to the sun and grow as my plant grows. What will I pray to the sun for? Well, there is so much to learn from it. The determination to get up early, will power to rise beyond our expectation, shine especially when people don't want you to, spread happiness on cold and dull days, never give up, be so good at what you do that the world knows about you, and lead! Also, people might hate or love you but they cannot deny you or do without you. Be the light that people can't do without!
So, this Diwali if you can't adopt a plant then adopt your dreams and work towards them and be like the SUN!

                            Smiling while the sun shines on me and I plan to shine on the world!

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