Monday, 3 October 2016

A month without my Smartphone!

Can you imagine a month without your smartphone? I am sure you've had days where you've 'thought' of going technology free but did you? I am famous for going off the social media every now and then and I once stretched it to three weeks. Yes, you heard that right! I still had my phone and I hated it and therefore, I always craved for a time where I was away from smartphones, laptops and of course, social media. I wanted to do nothing but just read, write, connect with friends via landlines, see their face in person and not on Skype! Well, the Universe conspired yet again and I had the opportunity of going technology free for the entire month of July because of an eye surgery. Erase going out with friends and reading because I wasn't allowed to spent out of my house. I got little of what I asked for but I was happy with the little as well!
As very few people knew about it so, the first thing they asked me after reading my last blog post  where I talk about the surgery and my eye problem, 'how did you spend time in that one month and what did you do?' Well, what do most people do when they're mobile? They listen to the radio and that's exactly what I did. Four days after the surgery when the pain was gone and boredom had started to kill me, my father got me a radio! It was black and silver in colour and I remember seeing it in my father's office once. Initially, I was scared how am I going to spend a month listening to radio, like how? But who knew two days later we would be inseparable! I was so addicted to it that after two weeks I knew the time and station of every song! And I am not kidding, it's true they do play the same song at the same time every day until it becomes old. I remember switching from a particular station around six in the evening every day because  my ears would have burnt if I listened to 'Kar Gayi Chul' again!

I realised as a medium of communication radio is exceptionally beautiful! You don't even realise how different voices can inspire you, entertain you or make you cry! The frustration of the common man. The joy they experience when  something good happens in our nation. You do get to experience all of it online through facebook comments, twitter updates and blogs, of course! But the feeling of reading and hearing is absolutely different because with radio it is a lot more real. And radio doesn't harm your eyes either!
My morning started shuffling between RJ Raunac and RJ Rohit and breakfast time was my favourite because of Anu Kapoor! His show hands down has to be my favourite because one, I love old Hindi film songs and two, Miss Malini can never provide the Bollywood information that he does! My afternoons were booked with RJ Jassi and RJ Swati a.k.a 'Drama Queen!' The latter provided me with all the latest Bollywood gossip and that was all that I needed to complete my day. In the evening I remember telling my mother every second day that I will call RJ Kisna and RJ Ashish( I have had a crush on his voice from the last two years!) and ask them to prank call her!
'Faceless Heroes' is the term that I now use to describe Radio Jockeys. My parents tell me how years ago all an RJ needed was a soothing voice because radio back then meant- Getting updates and waiting for your favourite song! And that's the reason why I never listen to All India Radio!
 Also, if you haven't heard RJ Neelesh Mis ra and Mirchi's dream girl RJ Sayema then please do because these two have the most comforting voices EVER! My heart goes out to all the radio presenters of 92.7 Big FM, Red FM India and 98.3 FM because you guys are awesome and you helped me survive. And you help so many others like me who're put on bed rest and cannot do anything about it, So, Thank You!
  Today, an RJ has to be a complete package. It's not just about the voice anymore! They are celebrities in their own way and are we complaining? No. They deserve it all!
Every night my brother would switch on the laptop to watch some interviews while I listened to them. In fact, I listened to both the seasons of Permanent Roommates! I had seen it before but this time, I heard it while my brother watched. My father would help me plan my life and tell me stories about his childhood. My mother who was my biggest strength during that period made sure I gained a lot of weight as she cooked my favourite dishes and constantly taught me a lesson or two about life!
It sounds tough but I would really request you all to go technology free once in a while it's necessary and need of the hour.  Like we shouldn't depend too much on people we shouldn't depend completely on technology either. I recently read an article that actors Rajat Kapoor and Sarah Jessica Parker don't have a phone! Yes, they can afford possibly every phone that is available in the market but they don't use it because they survived when phones weren't invented and they feel they can live without one in 2016 as well!
Taking a break from technology isn't that bad  at all. It just requires determination and will power. My Grandparents don't have smartphones. So don't worry chances  that you might die if you leave your smartphones for some time are nil! Look at those who lost their vision they too don't use smartphones. You have the power to see, so use that power to do something productive. Trust me, it feels better to do something good than looking like cats and dogs! Also, I am not asking you to give up on virtual life completely but just five days without your phone and computer. It's possible!
Thinking what your  friends will say? Will they judge? Well, yes, most of them will judge you. You might call some instead of messaging on Whatsapp and they might tell you to message once you're back on social media because making a plan on Facebook Messenger is fun, right?! Also, they might have forgotten that gone are the days when companies charged us for incoming calls. My money, my balance and you have a problem? WOW. I doubt if technology has really united us!
My phase really did make me realise who my true friends are. The ones who cared would call me every second day or come to meet me as they knew I would be getting bored and my radio  needed some time off me because I only left it when it was on charge! So, Krishna, Baani and Anukaran if you're reading this THANK YOU. Your phone calls and visits really meant a lot to me and you will always mean a lot to me, more than median and mode!

When was the last time you stopped on road to ask for directions? Only when GPS wasn't working because your mobile data crossed its limit, right? When was the last time you called your friend 'just like that' and not connect with them over Whatsapp, facebook, etc.? If you don't remember calling your friends then call them now and all thanks to Whatsapp calling you won't have to spend your balance! When was the last time you did not hear songs on Wynk but radio? When was the last time you actually observed people around you and not on Instagram? When was the last time you expressed your feelings in person and not over messages? When was the last time you enjoyed a moment did not waste your time snapping it?
I am not against technology it has it's benefits, of course, it does! But my problem is the way we're fixated and dependent on it. Delete all your applications, switch off your phone, give your beautiful eyes some rest, go for walks, read newspapers, cry in front of your friends, write letters and give your smartphone and yourself  a breather!


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