Friday, 10 June 2016

Women, facial hair and androgen's!

I recently looked at all the blog posts I have written so far and realized my blog has had a lot more to do with relationships and my vacation with it! The new name that is 'PK Speaks', however, empowers me in someway and I feel like talking about things I never have. So, I made a list and the first thing that came to my mind was- 'Women with Facial Hair!'
I too have facial hair and I hide it with a 'De-Tan bleach' and no, this ain't a beauty post. I hide it because I don't have the confidence to flaunt it. One because we don't have something like a no shave/wax/bleach November or December for women. I guess some men are too scared that we will beat them in this category as well. You see, we women can do everything! Two because bleach gives you a nice glow and women without facial hair know that. They too apply bleach. Also, it gives me more confidence because I know nobody will comment on my 'daadi!'
I too have been mocked because I have facial hair and did not apply bleach back then. The mockery never bothered me to an extent that I'd stop talking to those people or cry on Mama's lap! 'Mard', 'Daadi wali', etc. were two out of the several names some people used to define me because my facial hair was visible and according to them it made me look less feminine! 
Hair according to many is an important aspect that defines femininity and masculinity. If that's the case then Anil Kapoor is masculine and Tiger Shroff who I think is very hot defines femininity. As a student of sociology I feel guilty to say that but that's what people think, right?
Recently, I saw status updates of a friend who was asked about her gender because  she had facial hair. Some even called her Transgender but kudos to her for not slapping the creeps like  I would have! 
We live in a society where the rich are  getting richer, poor getting poorer and uneducated and unaware are enjoying their illiteracy. 
Why some women have facial hair or more hair on their body than others? Well, it is because of the presence of androgen's( ''male harmones'') in high levels in their blood. Every women has androgen's in their blood but the level varies and so does the hair. In some cases androgen's come from  medications, birth control pills and other steroids that 'indirectly' cause the body to make extra androgen's. Abnormality in the ovaries, hormonal imbalance are just some other reasons why androgen's are present in high levels in some women!
What really bothers me sometimes is women making fun of other women who have facial hair. I've quoted Madeleine Albright before but I'll do that again today-
''There is a special place in hell for women who don't help other women''
So ladies, please if you think my facial hair makes me look less prettier than you then meet me at the runway! Also, more androgen's in the blood could also be the reason why I got bushy eyebrows and you got that brow pencil. That was either very hypocrite of me or I was just taking 'eye for an eye' too seriously!
Anyway, so does the mockery clan and the peeps who aren't really interested to educate themselves, get the point? It's internal, it's not a problem and it's totally natural! Femininity and masculinity are an illusion, kindly live and let live! 
I'd like to conclude with a small message for women who got some extra androgen's in their blood like me-
''Don't wax your face. The hair that comes after waxing is very poky. Also, your skin will wrinkle earlier than it should. Go for bleach instead or chose a hair removal treatment or 'NOTHING' if you're confident with the extra androgen's unlike me. We women are constantly shamed for whatever we do or have whether it's boobs or cash . So why not go ahead, conquer the world and do whatever the fuck we want to! I won't sympathize because you got facial hair, we sympathize where there is a problem and this is 'NOT A PROBLEM!' You're beautiful, amazing, strong and you are 'PERFECTLY FLAWED''


  1. This article speaks to me on so many levels. As a fellow member of the hairy girl gang, I have often had guys ask me the question "when are you gonna start shaving your beard?" as if it was the wittiest thing ever. But, as you pointed out, maybe they're jealous we beat them in that area as well.
    But all of that said and done, I agree with you when you say that facial hair (or any kind of hair/cellulite/freckles/ pimples and the n number of other things considered to be flaws) are indeed normal, and people shouldn't be shamed for their natural form. But we live in a world that fails to be tolerant to diversity in all of its beautiful (yet often illogically feared and hated) forms. Shameful as the present scenario maybe, young thoughtful women like you are the silver lining to the grey cloud called 'modern' society and its insane biases.
    Its great to see you speak of your own experience and how you've dealt with your situations. I would love to see more opinionated posts like these from you, in the future.
    Lets tear down these disgraceful societal standards one blog post at a time. More power to you <3

  2. Aww. That made me smile so wide. We will tear them down one post at a time Also, I am so glad their are people like me who aren't westernized but modernized. And you, me and our fellow modernized peeps shall change the world!
    Also, I'd love to hear what other topics you'd want me to write on. Trust me, it'll be a great help!