Tuesday, 7 June 2016

When we walked out!

     It's funny how we promise each other a lifetime of happiness but does happiness really mean staying together? Sometimes sticking together is equivalent to tears, sorrow and hatred. And that is the most scary thing about love, you either marry or you break up! You either stick together happily or leave each other to find happiness and leave behind the wretchedness.
These are the kind of feelings I  experience when  once in five months I stumble upon his  profile and look at his picture. I travel back to where it all started in school with lots of smiles and a blush the moment he walked in front of me to the times when we wiped each others tears and promised each other a lifetime of happiness.  Then I  travel a little further only to realize how broken our bond was and how just 'looking good together' wasn't enough. And then I reach a phase where we both stepped ahead to fulfill our promise of  giving each other a lifetime of happiness by walking out of a relationship we had built over a span of two years with love, promises, passion, tears, fights, flaws and hope.
We left each other to find what we couldn't give each other- Happiness!
 A random post on a not so random day!

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