Monday, 13 June 2016

Probably the first and last 'Unofficial' School Reunion!

Conversations have been up for a long time, some more people have been added and then their are some who to my surprise are leaving the group. I mean why would anyone leave a Whatsapp group that says 'School Reunion 2016'
Honestly, I miss the absence of 'unofficial' attached to it. It brings back fun memories and also, it's dearth shows a sign of aging! I graduated from school in 2013 so, luckily there are no signs of aging on the face!
After weeks of planning about twenty-twenty five girls gave their final nod to show up at the 'Reunion.'  Honestly, I was extremely skeptical of attending it because none of my friends with whom I have been in touch with since school were coming. But I still decided to drop my tag of 'Miss Anti-Social', got dressed in my favorite boot-cut denims, white top with mesh detailing on the back and left! 
(*Pk is an aspiring fashion designer and stylist. So,get used to some fashion terms dropping here and there!*)
It was sad to only see fifteen people out of one fifty who were added to the group. It was disappointing because a major chunk of those girls proudly use hash tags like #ThomasiteForever, #onceathomasitealwaysathomasite, etc..The same bunch of girls cried their heart out on the  farewell because they were going to miss the red bricks, the checkered winter skirt, Sareen Sir's whistle and the entire Thomasite family that protected them for fourteen years of their life, in my case five! And also, sad to see how so many people who couldn't make it to the reunion because they had exams, work, etc. but were chilling at home!
 I know we might not have been the best of friends or even Facebook friends for that matter but we were a part of something that gave us an identity and a sense of belonging. The idea was to recollect memories that somehow still unite us  because the precious 'Thomasite' tag isn't going  anywhere all our lives. Don't you think it would have been lovely to talk to people with whom you once shared the sambhar and dosa in the same plate. Mimic teachers, think about that day when the entire class was made to stand outside the Principal's office because you made the new and nervous B.ed teacher cry or the day when the entire class was dancing right above the Counselor's office while there was a meeting going on about our future! Well, that's what we did apart from eating food from the same plate like we did in school, not giving two fucks or judging someone who just ordered vodka shots and saying,'OMG. You have a boyfriend?!'
I knew after lunch I won't go back home with a set of new best friends but I was curious to see how people who shared the same school building with me looked after three years in person and not on social media! I was excited to see how much three years can impact people and change their personalities well, mine has completely changed. I am no longer the under confident, ugly and average person I was back in school!
I won't say we had a blast or it was the best lunch of our lives but honestly, it was nice! 12.05.2016 was worthy enough for me to remember and treasure. 
Also, to all those who have a school reunion that they are planning to miss- Don't!  Because reunions are beautiful and you should go for the one's you have because they don't happen often. If you're someone who hasn't really been in touch with anyone from school  or are  happy with the set of friends you have- Go for it! You'll get to meet the members of the popular gang who are now leading ordinary lives! Attend it  because reunions are a place to  learn, network and most importantly recollect memories. Recollect memories with people you weren't friends with but had crossed paths and passed smiles or helped each other cheat in that Chemistry exam. Go because you might get a chance to clear the misunderstandings with the girl who once was your best friend, soul sister and basically everything but is now on your Facebook block list!
The girl who planned it all was so disappointed that I highly doubt there ever will be a reunion again unless of course, our beloved school decides to 'officially' organize one. And if another reunion doesn't happen then I'll be sad because I won't get to personally witness the otherwise filtered life on Snapchat of my  friends from school! 


                                  (The group who recollected memories!)
(The boot-cut denims and unfortunately I don't have a picture with the meshed detailing on the back!)


  1. This article might just be the only reason why I might attend my high school reunion! I am essentially not very excited about meeting my schoolmates, but because of you, I might just :P Thank you.