Thursday, 3 March 2016

Your Memories Are My Guilty Pleasure

Off lately I have been travelling back in time. Travelling back to places I don't want to travel but situations take me back and I miss the love, the memories but not him . It's the early morning messages, it's the support and the motivation that take me back to 'us'. There are hardships in every one's life and I suffer from them as well. I know I might sound selfish but it's during these hardships that your thought crosses my mind the most. It's not that I don't have friends, I do. They are lovely and I love them because they were there when you left and they will be there when somebody else comes and leaves. You somehow always knew when I was sad and when I was my happiest best. And surprisingly you always knew the reasons that made me cry (yet to meet somebody like that). It's this connection that will always remain special. 
We both knew that our relationship will one day come to an end and it will be extremely hard for me. We knew you'd manage but I did not want you to manage and I wasn't ready to give up but we did because we had no option. It was ugly but like the love it was ours. The break-up and the heart-break made me a better person. I somehow found myself. And it's the love that still keeps me strong and will probably always. I can shamelessly say that I will always be fond of 'us'.
A few days ago, I was sitting alone at a cafe and could easily hear tears of a beautiful teenager who reminded me of us. She was telling her friend about her 'break up' and I could do nothing but relate. The  way she was telling her friend about the break-up took me back because it was just so similar. I started thinking about how 'us' became 'you' and 'me'  overnight. The girl in the cafe was cursing the guy who left her but one day she will smile thinking about memories that she created with the one she loved. She will smile tomorrow like I smile today while I think about memories we built together.  Memories that are the only connection I have with you. Memories that keep me strong. Memories that make me cry. Memories that make me miss our love and your perfume. Your memories that are now my guilty pleasure!


  1. I sincerely hope you always, always keep smiling.
    Using perfumes after all wasn't a waste of money.
    Good luck !

    1. Well, that made me smile. Hope you're doing good.
      Good luck!

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