Monday, 14 March 2016

Selective Love

I  have been extremely sad because all my favorite Bollywood couples are breaking up or filing for a divorce.. It's like I have been the third person in their relationship and suddenly they have not just abandoned each other but abandoned me from their lives as well. So, it's not just Miss Malini and her team who are devastated and shocked! 
 It's not just Bollywood couples but couples around you and me who too are breaking up. It's sad, isn't it? Most of them gave me and my friend s relationship goals kinda feel and seeing them part ways, breaks my broken heart.   
There is a scene in Dil Dhakadne Do that I really liked and it kind of explains why is everybody taking the dreaded path of separation. 
*Conversation between Aisha (name of Priyanka Chopra's character) and her mother*
Aisha: Mom, aapnein papa ko kabhi divorce kyun nai dia?
Aisha: (why did you never file for a divorce with dad)
Mom: kyunki vo asaan hai aur saath rehkar problem solve karna mushkil
Mom: (because that is an easier option and solving problems together is rather difficult)  
Don't you think it makes sense? Four years of a relationship, three days of argument and break-up! Why is this phenomena of breaking-up becoming so common these days? I thought a lot about it and  my mind traveled in various directions. After brain storming I came up with a few reasons and if I start explaining all of them in one particular post then you'll need hours to read it. So, I thought I'll start a series titled,  'Selective Love.' This way you won't get a chance to roll your eyes in surprise after looking at the length of the posts and also, I'll be able to fulfill my promise of being regular.
Selective Love because that is what it has become. 'Tu nahi, to koi aur sai, koi aur nai to koi aurr sai.' (if not you then somebody else and if not somebody else then somebody else). Dialogue courtesy- Tanu Weds Manu. I know I use a lot of Bollywood references but I cannot help it, I love the industry! Anyway, so, I use this dialogue every time my friends come to me with a broken heart. In fact, I used this line to convince myself after I broke up. So, you see we take the other person for granted because we know we got options. We know we will find someone else. I know sometimes there are legit reasons for breaking up and sometimes you got no option but what about  those relationships where people can fix things and don't? They don't because...
Well, to know why you'll have to wait because if I tell everything now then there won't be any point in starting a series.
Also, do let me know in the comment section below about your idea of love and do you think it has become rather selective?


  1. There used to be something called uncondiotnal(selfless) love.

    1. I agree. Sad to see what "love" has become.