Saturday, 12 March 2016

Reasons why I am single #part2

And I promised I will be back and I am! Here are some more reasons that define my single status! 

31 I am the kind of girl who will select a Jeep over a Rolls Royce. Like the kind of class a Jeep has is unmatchable. I have totally imagined myself walking out of a Jeep in a Valentino Gown matched with Sophia Webster heels. And when I tell guys about my idea they are like, you aren't human!

32 You see my taste is royal and expensive. And that has disturbed some guys and they told me I am materialistic. Well, boy I never asked you to pay the bills. Did I? No! And this reason annoys boys who think a girl should never pay on a date. 

33 I haven't met someone who inspires me. Like their are people who do but they are all celebrities and of course, my father inspires me but a guy hasn't been able to do that and hence, I am  single! 

34 I am in love with movie stars and fictional characters. And they raise expectations well, they have and nobody has been able to meet those expectations! 
35 I get bored easily. I am too spontaneous. And I haven't met someone who knows how to keep the spark ignited. 

36 I am an emotional fool and sometimes I have legit reasons to cry. And  you need to be strong enough to handle me. Gym boys, I am not talking about big biceps here!  
37 I think I am always RIGHT! According to stereotypes that's like a woman's 'janam sidh adhikaar.' And guys, I know you find that irritating but deal with it! WOMEN ARE ALWAYS RIGHT!

38  I don't use Snapchat. Like what if bae wants to see how I look when I wake up? I'll have to tell him that  I look the same because hey, I really, really, do! And if you feel I have flaws then you gotta blame my genes for that. All the good qualities are either God gifted or just happened by chance! 

39 It's very hard to impress me.  It's not that you gotta give me flowers or gifts but just impress me your confidence and  trust. And when I looked for trustworthy men, I found a signal that said, 'try your luck on Mars!'
 40 I know I mentioned I wanted a husband in the last post but hey an ambitious, inspiring and hardworking man is far more attractive. 

41 I lack patience. I don't think giving examples here would appropriate. 

42 I dream about this

and guess what? He doesn't exist. God said you find him even on Mars! 

 43 Guys find girls who smoke HOT. I don't smoke and that makes me undesirable too! 

44 I haven't found someone who like me wants to wear Tom Ford suits and give the world those power couple/ relationship goals kinda feel. 

45 I am single because I am awesome and awesome people deserve awesome people but God hasn't created anybody half as awesome as me. So, this means I will be 'forever single.'

46 Lastly,  I am single because I believe he will find me, love me and never let me go!

Hope you enjoyed the fifteen reasons I shared today.  do let me know which one's you liked the most and which one's you did not. 
DAMMNNNNN... I forgot to mention this
I am single because 'jo humme chaiyeusse humm nai chaiye aur jisse hum chaiyevo kisko chaiye?'

                                                       I told you I make weird faces!

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