Friday, 4 March 2016

All-Around Control Freak But My Heart Is In The Right Place!

If you're like me then I am sure every time somebody tells you that you don't need a man you would want to punch them in their face. Well, I do.  I am a fierce and independent woman but I do need a man. There are times when I question my single status and that is when I contact my 'male friends' because I believe they can help me solve this issue a lot better.  I have been asked out by some fairly good looking and smart guys but some how they never interest me. Sometimes some of my friends say that I am over-qualified for most of them *blushes*. And then there are times when they use the most dragged one liner- 'you'll find him when the time is right'. But a few days ago, two really good 'feminist male friends' used a line that usually girls use and I always disagree with it. 'You don't need a man because you are an independent woman'. According to me, thinking you don't need a man because you are an independent woman doesn't equal to feminism.  
I did not want to tell them how my bank balance can never affect my need for love. Even if I would have they would have used another dragged line- 'you have your friends and family. Isn't love from them enough?'. Well, I know I do and I am thankful because they make life bearable. But I also know that I am a romantic at heart. There are times when I have fought with people and have used cliched one liners like- 'a woman needs a man as much as a man needs a woman'. I am an ambitious and passionate personality myself. I advocate the fact that every woman must be financially independent and strong enough to support her family always. 
So, the other day  I was talking to a 'feminist male friend' and we were discussing how my independence equals to the fact that I  don't need a man.  And  I  somehow thought of a one liner that I am so proud of and  I think all women who feel that love and independence are two different things will relate to. 
''I know I am a hardworking and independent woman but my independence does not mean that I cannot depend on someone''. 
My friend did not have anything to say after this but he did mention that he agreed with me completely. So, all you ladies out there go use this line against people who mix your desire to be loved with your career and independence. Also, don't forget to quote me! 

'I am messy but I know how to balance things I can't live without. I have got my priorities  right and I know when I need to concentrate on love and when I need to focus on building a bank balance. There are wonderful days when I can manage them together. There are days when I don't need the money I earned or my man but myself. I am all- around control freak but my heart is in the right place.
 Who am I? An Independent woman who needs a man because she loves being in love!'  


  1. "A girl must be a strong and independent woman, but at the same time charming and sensual. Those opposite qualities combined together make her interesting. She must be strong but at the same time feminine."

    No I didn't write it 😛 Googled for independent women quotes.

    Here's another one

    "There was a time when men thought it was sexy to have a housewife waiting for him to come home from work in her slippers, but in modern society, I think an independent woman is even more sexy." - Kat Graham

    Be strong, be sexy, be a lover, be an independent woman.
    This one was mine. I suck at it, don't I? 😂

  2. Hahaha. The first time we all suck!