Monday, 8 February 2016

The Girl With Almost Bangle Like Golden Hoops

Black drindle skirt, sequins top, peep toes, wrist watch, palm ring, ox blood for the lips, kohl for the eyes and my favorite 'almost bangle like golden hoops' for the ears! The only thought that comes to my mind when I wear my 'almost bangle golden like hoops' is I need to go SHOPPING. I've literally lived in those earrings  but I get compliments every time wear them so, no complaints as such but sometimes it just gets monotonous to flaunt the same accessory again and again.
I was ready to let my hair down and party, something you'll hardly see me doing but last night was special, my masi(maternal aunt) threw a surprise birthday party for her husband. They are the kind of couple who give me and my sisters those 'relationship goals' feel. Considering the fact that I am single all couples give me such vibes. So, coming back to the party it was my first time attending a Sufi Night. I know a twenty year old Delhiite shouldn't be saying this but somehow partying isn't my thing. I am more of a fine dine with a glass of wine kind a person. While we were waiting for the birthday man(he turned thirty, so not a boy anymore!) the forever hungry faces a.k.a me and my cousins were served some delicious snacks. My masi messaged us that she was outside the club and the excited and hungry souls a.k.a me and cousins got all beatific and stood up! Looking at the birthday man's shocked yet ecstatic face, we all breathed a sigh of relief( keeping surprises ain't that easy). Our mission was accomplished and it was time for the party to begin and get drunk, of course! The music was on point and so was the Vodka which was helping everybody get their dance moves on point. Well, vodka or no vodka my dance moves are always on point and so is my narcissism at the moment!
The songs got the always alone and looking for love girls a.k.a. me and my only single cousin happily depressed(that made sense after a few shots) but I had no idea that the at the moment #goodlife would in a few minutes turn into #thethuglife. We were clicking selfies when I suddenly realised that I should flip my hair to the other side. My hands got stuck between my 'almost bangle like golden hoops' while I was flipping my hair and the earring fell down. I got down from the couch(we were standing and dancing on it, typical Indian behavior) to look for them but it was too dark. I kind off knew I’d lost them but the forever sweet girl a.k.a my cousin tried to look for them and now we were sure that my earrings were gone. Probably gone forever!
Instead of standing on the couch like a civilized drunk woman I sat on it because vodka lost its charm after I lost my earring and the happy trippy head became plain and sad. I kept the earring which was hanging to the right ear and was now a part of the 'forever alone squad' in my clutch.
It was now time for one of my favorite songs and I suppose it has been a hit on everybody's playlists at least once. ''Mein tenu samjhawan ki''.
Now this song was supposed to remind me of somebody I once loved or somebody I haven't met yet, but still love. Ironically it reminded me of my days with the 'almost bangle like golden hoops'.
They were like my best friend, I could always count on them. Every time I could not find appropriate jewellery I would just don them to look glam! They were like a part of my identity because I have never worn any pair so much. A lot of my friends tried to wear them but somehow they never looked that great on anyone! My favorite pair that I bought from 'Sarjoni Nagar with an air conditioner' a.k.a 'Forever 21'. I remember I bought them last year in March when I went out for a movie date with Navya.
My friends won't be able pass their hand through them anymore( that was scary but funny). My aunts use to say that they could be used as a Choker neckpiece for my five year old baby sister.  I never needed any other accessory because they had their own statement, their own panache, even though they were simple and plain but they were gorgeous! I won't have anything that will compliment all my outfits. Retro fashion is back and they would have looked so 80's with my boot-cut jeans, bell sleeved crop-top, sky high pumps and a winged liner! 'My almost bangle like  golden hoops', I'll miss you! I'll miss the way you looked so perfect on me and complimented my face cut and lob!
The smoke inside was choking me and I left the club an hour before my cousins did. The sweet one promised me that she would ask the waiters to find my earring. She could somehow sense the sadness in eyes. Yes, they were that special. So special that even though I was smiling and dancing somewhere deep down I was crying and hoping for them to reunite with me again.
I know the next time I go shopping I'll try to find the same pair once again. I'll keep on trying but I will find them, will buy them and I will flaunt them!
Unfortunately, nobody could find the earring after the party was over. I wonder how far did they fly? Are they in some bin now or are they under some couch ready to take me by surprise the next time I visit the same old club to give yet another surprise?!
                     That's me, 'the girl with almost bangle like golden hoops'.

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