Thursday, 29 October 2015

Cheers To Five Decades!!!

 I always get all my blog posts approved by Dr.Nobby before uploading them but this one particular post doesn't need an approval. It shouldn't in fact because its for the anchor of my family- My Father. 
Its a special day for all of us as he completes five decades today. So, it's not just another birthday, its his fiftieth! 
He is one of those very few person's who encourages me to write often and like I disappoint others I disappoint him too. Well, have a look at the number of blog posts I've written in the past two years and you'll know why am I carrying the 'queen of disappointment' crown! I did not want to gift him  a shirt, a pen or  a wallet and he had strictly warned us that he did not want any surprise parties. I still cannot digest the fact that  mom actually asked him weather she can throw him a surprise party or not and its all thanks to her that  he knows about this blog post  as well! Anyway, no shirts, no photo frames basically I did not want to do anything or buy anything that will give him five seconds of happiness or will be lying in his closet till it gets withered. So let me begin before it becomes too much for people to read and for Dad to start sobbing!

Dear Dad

From the time I was born till today you've made sure I got every Barbie Doll, every dress, watched every movie that hit the screens, wore every shoe that could fit(I have huge feet)  and basically you did everything you could to see me  smile. I feel blessed to have been a part of your journey from Sikri to Shanghai, your struggle has been my biggest inspiration! Even though we never really felt that you were  struggling, precisely because you made sure I got my dhai bhalle with papdi everyday for lunch! And I  still remember this because every second day you remind me how I use call curd, juice! 
I won't say you're the so called cool dad who let's his daughter party at night but you've been cool enough in your own way! Well, who sends his nineteen year old daughter  to China considering the fact she had never stepped at Rajiv Chowk metro station alone? You did and that's what makes you cool and liberal in my eyes. You fought with everyone in the family but made sure I did  the internship and went all alone! Thank you so much because I had the time of my life there. 
One thing I wish I had inherited from you is patience because after a long day at work only you can handle two monsters( mom and Naman because I am not a monster, I am a good girl).
I won't apologize for fighting because if I don't shout then who will? Also, I don't want the dull area we live in to become a haunted jungle.
You couldn't celebrate my first birthday and everything you did on the sixteenth still feels like a fairytale. I won't say that I would want a husband  like you because I don't want a husband. I want to  trouble you and mom like 'forever'. It's fun fighting with you two well, only sometimes. Like seriously only sometimes but it's fun! I won't write overused lines like daddy's princess or angel even though mom really wanted me to do that but hell, NO! Every girl is a queen bee in her head and so am I.
I hope this year you start taking things lightly and enjoy life  a bit more because of if you don't deserve to relax then who does? No family life is perfect and ours isn't perfect either. And its the little imperfections like you telling me that the world won't come to end if I miss a movie. And then  I say the world will come to an end because so many people are involved in the film making process and If I don't watch movies then they all will die of poverty.
Thank you for literally everything because if it weren't for I wouldn't be typing this well, you paid for my education and made sure to wake me up every morning during exams so that I can pass! How I wish I had the will to study for civil services but you know education and your daughter are  poles apart. But I promise you, I'll make you proud. I promise I'll not only fulfill my styling and designing dreams but I'll be a great painter and one day I'll write a book too. How about your biography? A story about a man from a small town with a big vision will surely inspire millions! Well, I will work on this soon. 
I'll have to explain you and mom everything that I have written and I'll obviously get irritated midway because that's how I am, duh! So, I'll end this now.
You've been an amazing son, a caring husband, the most patient father and a selfless human being!Keep pampering me with gifts from China every now and then because if you don't then who will? Also, don't cancel today's dinner plans!
Yours forever
Stupid, cranky, annoying, gorgeous(bleh), funny and and and AMAZING DAUGHTER. 

Also the picture is kind off old and its all thanks to you because you never take selfies with me. Well, you don't take selfies with anyone! 

P.S.- I think my nose's shape is like yours, so don't say that I have got a weird nose because if I got a weird nose you got a weird nose too!