Saturday, 5 September 2015

Happy 'Teachers' Day

Every friend, family member or others who are a part of my social circle have taught me something. And I am sure the feeling is mutual. So, this morning I just sent a thank you message to some people who've taught me things that I'll never forget. Though I wanted to personally thank every person on my list but that wasn't possible so, I thought of sharing my love for all the people in my life here. And everyone here includes people who hate me, people I hate or people who've hurt me because they've been my best teachers.  But Why would I want to thank everyone?  Well, I am celebrating 'Teacher's Day. Google says a teacher is someone who teaches you something. Well, that doesn't just count the endless list of beautiful people who've taught us a,b,c or theories of Marx. It includes so many countless others. Closer to home its obviously our parents who've taught us patience well, at least mine have taught me a lot because handling a twenty year old rebel like me needs 'patience' in bulk! But on a serious note they are our first tutors. Our grandparents, siblings, uncles and aunts they've all played  their roles as social actors in our lives extremely well.
My siblings made me realise that there exists a John Cena within me and that's the reason I am not  scared of countless horny men in our country. So, the mini WWE that happens almost every second day has taught me self-defense and I can't wait to show my skills to someone . I really can't
Anyway, we all have that favorite aunty of ours we love to meet and gain some knowledge from or how can we forget the funniest uncle in the family whose always the center of attraction.
Being the 'modern, career oriented Indian woman' that I believe I am, one thing that scares me the most is the word marriage! I develop cold feet the moment my mother talks about it because she like most of the  typically typical Punjabi mothers wants me to get married as soon as possible. So, this aunt of mine who is a professor got married after her graduation and honestly, I had no clue about it until recently. I thought she completed her education, got a job and then settled down. She taught me that how your career and marriage don't go hand in hand and if you're in-laws aren't supportive then lady, you've still got your feet in place so, instead of using them to walk around with a broom and a fry-pan in the house use them to fix your life by walking out of the marriage! Well, every person deserves to be free and independent. And no, this doesn't mean that in the next post you'll see a picture of my wedding card. No, that's clearly not happening anytime soon but I definitely look at marriage from a different angle. And that's one important thing I've learnt from her apart from the countless others.

My Nani teaches me everyday how age is just a number, my mother and father give me lessons of self love and hard work respectively. The list of things I've learnt from my family members goes on and on.
Similarly, some of my friends taught me so much through their experiences of love and heartbreaks. Trust me, if it weren't for them I would be  lying in some corner crying about being 'alone'. All my friends teach me that I am not 'alone' and no man should change the love I have for myself. I owe you all so much!
To all those really really special friends who inspire me everyday with every move. You've seen me grow as a person and you're one of the reasons I've had the courage to design, write, dance and most importantly be myself! I am sure you too have friends who teach and inspire you the way nobody does. So, thank them first!
 Everyday we all come across at least  one person who runs after us for money or food. They beg till the signal shines green or we actually give them something. Have you ever begged in front of anyone for so long to give you money so that you can buy food? And begging here doesn't mean waiting for your favorite pizza or burger! I am sure  the second time  your mother refuses to give you food you bang the door, enter the kitchen and make something as simple as Maggi for yourself. We have so many options to make sure we don't sleep without filling our stomachs. So, instead of just feeling bad about how they don't have anything and we have something which according to them is everything just give them some kindness in return. I see so many people pushing them the moment they ask  you for money or help. If you can't give them money or food just give them kindness because sometimes love is enough! In fact, they're never rude to us. We all laugh when they say "bhagwaan tumko khush rakhega'', " tumhari lambhi Umar hogi'', etc.. But aren't they making a wish for us? And I read that every wish counts and still we're rude to them. And yes, I too have read stories of how beggars earn so much but are we all Ambani's and Mittals?

Look around and you'll see that there is much to learn from every person who passes by. Every passerby has a story to tell, a story that will inspire you. Inspire you to do good and inspire you to learn from their mistakes. I learn so much about fashion by just observing people. So, every person whose wearing a good outfit teaches me something  and so does every other person who isn't.

I have literally learnt half the things about life from celebrities. Their struggle teaches me how I have a long way to go and there is so much more to life than just making money!  To all the authors who's books I've read or will read, thank you,  because every word you've written has had an impact on me!

Thankyou to all the thousands of people who've read my blog posts every time you view my blog, you encourage me!
And well, let's not forget the teachers because of whom we get to celebrate a day so beautiful and pure! If it weren't for you I would still be figuring out that it's A for apple and not orange! You've empowered me and taught me how important education is and now I am in my final year of graduation. So, thank you  to all the brave teachers who've had the patience to teach a disinterested student like me!

I really hope this persuades you to pick your phone not just to wish your teachers but every person who has taught you something so far. Tell them how they helped you because being the reason for someone's smile is the best feeling ever! Also, thank the people who've hurt you as they are your teachers too and its a sweet way of making someone feel guilty. And yes, that too is important sometimes.
If you feel awkward you can mentally thank everyone or just share this post if you feel it's worth it.
Also, don't be disheartened if nobody wishes you back or tells you that you've taught them something. Stand in front of the mirror and wish yourself because  you're experiences have been your biggest, best and most honest teacher! You've been you're own hero and always will be! So, rise and celebrate the teacher in everyone and of course, yourself!


  1. Our life also teaches us things as we go. Everyone has their own experiences in life, which helps them grow. People must share these experiences and teach each other what they've learnt. That's how it all works, sharing!

  2. Exactly! Thank you for sharing your views:)