Friday, 3 April 2015

Temporally Alone

I am a sucker for romance and people around me know that. And for those of you who don't well, now, you do! The first romantic novel that I read was P.S. I Love You and since then I haven't stopped. From The Notebook to The Fault In Our Stars I've loved all of them. Trust me, when I say this, but I have literally read only about romance so far. So this post is for all those who love the idea of being in love. For heart broken ladies and gentlemen. For people who are desperately waiting for that one person to come and spread the magic of love. And for folks like me who consider themselves as a part of all the three categories.
We all know love is a priceless feeling and lucky are those who get to experience true love. I know a lot of people might say that love comes in different forms like love from family friends pets, etc.. But  terms like 'soulmate', 'life partner', 'lover', etc. weren't coined without a reason. After I broke up one of my friend's told me that it will take a really strong guy to make sure that you fall in love again. And dear friends, my friend was right! The break up  not only came as a shock but it made me feel that I will  never find anyone. I joined the 'forever alone' gang and literally hated being a part of it. Well, I still do but today I changed my own mind. And the change in mindset is exactly what I am going to share you with.
 1:00 p.m.-Dusty, sunny and noisy well, that's exactly how auto journey's are right? But there is a lot more to them when you have one of your closest friends sitting next to you. So this amazing friend of mine recently broke up and I too was extremely depressed about it because like me she too is a hopeless romantic and loves the idea of being in love. Her boyfriend loved her a lot as well but sometimes things don't turn out the way we want. Her break up was unfortunate and one could tell by looking at her eyes the amount of tears she had already shed. So, while the auto driver was doing his job, me and my friend on the other hand were busy doing our job. Our job about whining about our respective break-ups and how we will never fall in love. We felt we weren't meant for love because our  relationships took a lot more from us than we expected.
8:00 p.m.- I came back from the torture chamber as in my gym! I was just doing random things when the idea of love struck me again. And when the idea of love comes to my mind all I do is think about Nicholas Sparks and his books.  He is one major reason behind my over-boiled romantic nature. But for the first time I connected his stories to my story. My story of being 'forever alone' and his stories that aren't just about love but also about 'believing'. I know in most of his novels somebody dies in the end and we complain about it. But look at it from the other side. Every character does a get a chance to fall in love. Love that is true, love that is priceless, love that is everything you wished for! That chance may last for a month, a year or a lifetime but that chance is definitely given to you. That chance is given to you with someone you never expected it to be with. That chance changes everything. You might get that chance today. You can get it when you're forty. There could be a chance that you're in a relationship with that person. But trust me, peeps we all do get that chance. I know novels and movies increase expectations but I believe everything in life carries some amount of expectations. Some people who like reading my blogs will expect the next one to be better than the previous posts. We all have  great expectations from the next movie of our favorite actors. Our parents expect us to get good marks. We expect our friends to be honest with us. Expectations... Expectations.. Well, we were born because our mother was expecting!!
10:00 p.m.- I realize my college professors 'expect' me to submit assignments soon but like always I don't feel like opening my book, Therefore, I switch on my laptop and start writing about the so called 'change of mindset'. So while writing about it I realized that we all who consider themselves as 'forever alone' because we don't have a boyfriend or girlfriend. Well, yes, my friends we are 'alone'. But we aren't 'forever alone' we are 'temporally alone'. because one day love will come knocking at our doors . Love will empower us. Love will unite us with the soul we
dream of. Love will make us love the person we don't know but already love. Love will take it's time but it will come.
So till then stay spirited. Feel beautiful. Enjoy your 'single bells' phase. And don't worry we all get a chance to walk on the path of love with someone who loves us as much as we do. Don't forget to throw away the 'forever alone' tag because you are 'temporally alone'.