Saturday, 28 March 2015

My Best Friend

You still haven't earned any money? My friend asked me this question when I told him that I haven't earned any money till now. Well, yes, I haven't and I have no issues with it. I will be turning twenty in a few days and I haven't earned any money till now. I am in my second year of college and I have done some six internships but I  still haven't earned a penny. Yes, I have worked for free so far. All the work I did gave me happiness but not money. I know happiness won't buy me the Jimmy Choo's I plan to wear one day. I know happiness won't make me travel to places  I've always thought of visiting. I know happiness won't make me financiall independent. I know happiness won't stop those tantrums that I parents throw on me. Well, they have all the right to kill me with tantrums and taunts because what have I done with my life so far? Nothing.
Like everyone else I too am kind of obsessed with money because money will help me buy everything I dream of. Money will help me get into my favorite luxury stores and come out with hands full of bags. Money will take me to Vegas, Bahamas, Spain and all the other gorgeous countries. I can study all day long in order to attend some top notch business school that will provide me with a dream placement. With that money I can buy my Prada's and travel the world but will that give me happiness? No, it won't because that is not what I want to do. I do want to earn money and I know I will earn money in fact, a lot of it but it will take time. It will take time because I want to earn money through my dream job. I want to earn money as a designer and it will happen one day.
I did get a lot of chances to earn but I did not take up those opportunities. In fact, I took up jobs that I knew would help me advance as a designer. I took up jobs that opened my mind about social work because I definitely would like to help the needy one day. I took up jobs that taught me how to improve my skills as as writer.Yes, I did earn experience from all that I have done but more than that I achieved happiness and satisfaction. Satisfaction because I was enjoying what I was doing even though that did not give me money.
We're all running after money and I see no harm in that but I believe most of us don't run after passion. A person who was spirited about acting ends up as an engineer because there is no guarantee weather that  person will ever be able to see himself on the silver screen and if not that will he ever be a part of some broadway show. So finally he studies hard to be an engineer. He owns a swanky house, a big car and in short, he has a lavish lifestyle. But will he be satisfied on his death bed? I  don't think so because somewhere deep down he knows he did not do what he wanted to do. In fact, he did not even try. Maybe he wanted to try but it was the societal pressure that made him take a back seat? Maybe he thought people would judge him or laugh at him because he wasn't very good looking. And the list of maybe(s) won't end. But what if he tried? Maybe he would have died with a satisfactory feeling well, because he gave what he wanted to do a chance. I know everyone is not lucky enough to end up doing what they want to but they should at least give it a try. We should all give our dreams and passion a chance.
My parents never allowed me to pursue my dream but I was determined I was determined because designing has been my passion always. I fought with them but in the end the outcome was fruiful. Finally, they've given me the green signal to go and follow my heart. I can't say wether I will be successful or not. I Don't know what will happen tomorrow morning but one thing that I know is that I tried and I will keep on trying. I will try, I will work hard, I will stay courageous but most importantly I won't lose faith. I won't lose faith in my best friend. I won't lose faith in God. Yes, my God is my best friend.
Everyone says that she or he is my best friend because she or he knows everything about me. But my dear friends, no one apart from God knows everything about you. He knows what will happen tomorrow. He knows how to teach you lessons. He knows everything and above all he loves you no matter what you've done in the past. You wake up every morning because he wants to give you another chance to undo the bad. He wants you to try and stay honest. He wants you to walk in faith and not by sight because he knows the best for you.
The entire focus of my life revolves around the same idea of considering God as my bestest companion and staying passionate and happy. It took me six years to convince my parents but they did agree and I thank God for this because I had faith in him.
This brings me back to the point from where I started. So, what if I haven't earned any money? I know one day I will and I know my first paycheck will come to me from the field of my interest. I know the first amount I earn will be a lot more than I can imagine and trust me, I am very confident about it. Well, because I walk in faith and not by sight. Guess what does my best friend ask from me in return? Well, he just asks me to be honest and keep on trying. So little for so much? Now, that is what I call unconditional love.
So, stay happy, keep on trying, follow your passion and most importantly don't lose faith!!!

Friday, 6 March 2015

Men's Empowerment Day

I never thought writing a blog post could be so nerve wrecking but this thought of empowering men came to when I thought of writing something related to Women's Day and then the entire India's Daughter documentary incident happened and I felt I just had to put my thoughts in into words.

Yes, even after hearing what Mukesh Singh, M.L.Sharma, A.P.Singh and other male chauvinist pigs had to say I want to talk about 'empowering men'. I mean why not? We've talked enough about empowering women, we've conducted countless number of seminars, we've been part of innumerable protests but the result? Women are still getting raped every twenty -two minutes. Rapists do not ask women about  their education qualification before raping. Do they? Educated or uneducated for some men women will always be a 'sex symbol'.
We should not just empower women but we should empower men as well, by giving them moral education. A child should be taught from the very beginning that the only difference between 'pink' (women) and 'blue'(men) is biological but their value is the same. The little boy hates it when he sees his mother being bullied by his father but he does absorb the fact that yes, it is possible and even he can do that to some other woman. On Rakshabandhan the children are taught how the brother must always protect his sister. Can't we teach him that he should not only protect his sister but other women as well? And not only protect them when in need but also respect them.
Men like Asaram Bappu, Mukesh Singh, Babulal Guar, etc. aren't creatures but monsters. But on the other hand, we do have men like Javed Akhtar who stood up in parliament to support women, Akshay Kumar who runs a self-defense school for disabled women in Mumbai, Narender Modi our honorable Prime Minster who asked parents to question their sons instead of daughters and the list of 'gentlemen'  goes on.
It's true all men aren't dogs but well, most of them are and it's a fact. Only one man came to Nirbhaya's rescue. Some had raped her and others just noticed and walked by.
It's too late to teach some  flagrant people the meaning of 'humanity'. But we still have the time to develop values and attitudes among the new generation and change the ingrained perception. The perception that sees women as objects and symbol of sex.
So should we have something like Men's Empowerment Day'? If that is possible then we should have something like that. We should have a day where we empower some moral values among the boys and men. A day where men learn how to respect women hood and not consider themselves thorns on flowers.
Let's not wait for another 'Leslee Udwin' to make us realize that the nation we live in is filled men who think there is no place for woman in our society. Let's inculcate some values in men that will make us proud citizens of a nation where women are respected and loved. Is that possible? Well, I heard nothing is impossible! And if men have planned not to change then just saying, I am learning kick boxing!!
But lets not forget it's a special day this Sunday so HAPPY WOMEN'S DAY to all the beautiful women in the world. Always remember you are stronger than you think you are!!!