Friday, 27 February 2015

Futuristic much?

I was thinking about my next blog post, well, I know, it's pretty early for someone like me to post a new article so soon considering the fact that I have posted just seven articles in one and a half years. But as my last article was appreciated by many people and that motivated me to write more often.
I am someone who does a lot of 'future thinking' and when I say a lot, trust me, I mean it! So, while  'future thinking' was at it's peak. I decided to write a letter to the 'Future Prerna'. I know, expectations kill  but I thought it will be fun. Ever read an old letter or dairy entry from school days? Don't you feel you were extremely stupid, ridiculous, etc.. Honestly, when I read my diary entries from  high school I feel like slapping myself. I use to write dialogues like ''daulat ek nasha hai aur mein uss nasha bananein wali factory ka ek lauta malik hu'. Who does that? Well, I did and I feel so brainless about it.  I feel dumb when I re-read my previous blog posts so high school was like some years back!
I won't take a long jump and a write a letter to a twenty five year old Prerna or a Prerna who is married (eww!). So, after a lot of thinking and reasoning I decided to write a letter to a 'graduate me'. I'll graduate in Summer 2016 which is like more than a year from now. The letter will consist of both future expectations and current realities( obvious, isn't it?)  So, here it is a letter to a twenty one year old and graduate Prerna!!

Dear Miss 'Future Prerna'
I hope you cleared all your exams because I know one thing that even future can't change is the loath that you have for Sociology.  I am sure like always you must have managed to pass so, congratulations in advance!! I am sure you must have applied for a lot of fashion colleges for post graduation and if not then I am sure God must have planned something better for you because you are and have always been his favorite child.
I hope you're in the best of shape and have that dream Kareena Kapoor figure!! Are your eyes fine now? I desperately hope they are. How can I forget, boyfriend? Don't tell me you're still sharing those 'Forever Alone' pictures. You're twenty one and should have found a boyfriend now. Remember, no arrange marriage!!
You're unstable life has always bothered you both emotionally and physically and I hope that is not the case now. You never share you're deep dark secrets with anyone and that kills and haunts you but probably you've found someone who changes that. Life will always be erratic and unusual but once you start to appreciate the smaller things you will realize that the world can be as beautiful as a fairy tale. Well, maybe but just don't give in so easily. I know, you don't do that always but a few motivational lines are mandatory.
Try to control your temper, eat well, exercise everyday, keep pouting but smile more often, stay fashionable and pursue all your dreams. People everywhere you go tell you that you're extremely different from rest of the crowd so always stay the same as in different!
Live life the way you've always had. Listen to your heart, stay energetic and cheerful. Honesty is the best policy and you've stayed honest all your life and that's the only thing you're parents appreciate about you, so make sure to keep that. Hope you're regular with the blog and if not then it's never too late. Lastly, if these expectations kill you then don't dishearten yourself and save those tears for something or someone better because God has and will always love you the most. So stay happy and treat yourself well because lady, you're worth it!!!
'Prerna from Past'

That was a letter to the 'Future Prerna'. I can't say whether i will be able to live up to all these expectations but I will try my best and use this letter as a piece of motivation to get closer to my dreams. Expectations as they say can kill but if you look at the positive side they can help you work hard and can act as building blocks for future. Like a coin everything has two sides to it- positive and negative. Start looking at the positive side of life and let God create his magic!!!

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  1. Nice Post. Waiting for the next one.

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  3. full of positive vibes !!
    by reading so i guess i found who d real prerna is ;)
    keep up d spriti n keep blogging :)
    all d best

    1. dear biggest supporter/parika
      I love you so much :* thankyou

  4. Happiness and positivity all around in the air.. Lucky to be with you and your "blogs".. keep smiling always. love ya..:-*:-)

    1. thankyou so much for all the love. It means a lot to me. Love you too :*

    2. thankyou so much for all the love. It means a lot to me. Love you too :*