Friday, 3 October 2014

How I Enjoy A Holiday In Office

1) I will write everything in points because i feel it will help me revise 1,2,3....
2) Ignore  the first point.
3) Coming back to the question as to why i have the fear of being caught...
4) I am in office
5) My boss's are not giving me any work to do
6) Do they think i am useless?
7) No, its dussehra and its a fucking holiday
8) Since, its a holiday and they are in office so they  are angry.
9) As they all are angry they are too occupied to finish there work so that they can go home before three.
10) Three because its half day today
11) half see my office people are 'sweet'.
12) Ignore the word 'sweet'  in the last point. 
13) Let me read what i have written so far.. well, because i forgot what i was writing.
14) yeah so they are all were angry according to 9th point. 
15) They are all angry and i am all free
16) I am not going to ask for more work
17) Let this 'sweet' intern enjoy a holiday in office.
18) You always don't have to ignore the word 'sweet'. 
19) Number 18 and 19 meant that yes, i am 'sweet' and You cant ignore me 
20) I know you have been trying to ignore me from the time you have started reading this silly blog post.
21) Should i go back home?
22) Should i dance because i feel like dancing
23) Should i bore you more because i have managed to do that for some 5mins..
24) Have you heard 'lovely'  from happy new year?
25) If you haven't hear it.. umm no.. watch it now
26) Why watch? because Deepika is looking stunning
27) She is looking like a million bucks...umm i won't praise her more.
28) So please do me a favor and go watch the video
29) While you'll watch the video i will enjoy my senior's birthday party in office. 
30) Aree GOOOO
P.S.- Don't judge me after this post. This was just to test your patience and kill my boredom.

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