Sunday, 6 April 2014

Finding Innocence

And today I promise to be regular
Turning 19

Life before teenage or I’d rather be honest and say before I had my first boyfriend was simpler, sober and calm. I was never worried about things like what does he think of me? Does he feel the same way about me? I miss that phase to be honest. Why? Isn’t my life sort of perfect now? I have a great family, good friends, I have fun, I booze around at times, I am confident and in short I enjoy my life like any other teenage girl would. But then still why do I miss my childhood? Well, that’s because back then there was no rush, no competition, no hatred for each other there was just love and simplicity everywhere. Though love still exists in hearts of hearts but we either don’t have the time to show it or are already too tired. My life revolved around getting up for school, hugging my friends as soon as I would reach my class and asking each other what we bought for lunch, sketching between classes and giggling. But slowly and steadily it shifted to boys and bitching about girls of other groups. The innocence has faded away. Back then I remember I would be so astonished to hear my cousin sister talk about her boyfriends and now when we meet it’s all about I love him or I miss him or we broke up!.Can the innocence come back?
No, it cannot you know why? The word impossible wasn’t created without a reason!!!