Thursday, 19 December 2013

Are We Modern?

CASE 1- ‘’I send my daughter to night clubs, I allow her to wear micro mini dresses, she is a chain smoker and I allow her to drink and all her friends find me very cool and I love it when they say we wish our mother was as MODERN as you are. She is eighteen and my son who is a year younger to her enjoys the same lifestyle as his sister. I don’t differentiate between the two of them. I recently caught my son dating a girl from a different religion and that is when I planned to punish him’’.
CASE 2- ‘’my daughter well, she is a lesbian I do feel scared as to how will she manage her living in a country like India where people like her are hated and laws are implemented to kill them. But I am totally with her and I support her in every way I can. My daughter is twenty two an age where fathers in India start hunting for son-in-laws.  I wish I could do that too but I cannot force my daughter. I am extremely proud of her and she is much ahead in her life financially as compared to a lot of people at her age and her happiness and well being Is all that matters. I have another daughter who got married last year to a Muslim man. It was her choice, the guy was financially very good and yes he is a good human being as well. People from my family did not attend the wedding because inter-religion marriages are still a myth. I had a word with a lot of people from my family but nobody was ready to listen. I explained to them that all this is stereotypical and we cannot judge a person because of her/his community. It was a fight that took place decades back and I don’t want to sacrifice my daughter’s happiness. And it’s not that I did not go ahead and find out every detail about the man my daughter wanted to get married to but I have met him personally a lot of times and have known him for four years. I am sure that my daughter is in safe hands. People call me immoral and stupid but I proudly call myself MODERN’’.

Now that you have read the two cases mentioned above according to you which parent is more modern? Well I think the second case is totally what the parents of modern India should be like. Clubbing, wearing short dresses is totally in the hands of an individual. Drinking, smoking etc. are things that just ruin you from within and parents encouraging their children to do so are not modern. She allows her children to party around but the moment she realizes that her son is dating a girl from some other religion she decides to punish him. Now that is not what I call being modern.
Your thinking and outlook is what determines how modern you are.
We call ourselves citizens of a modern country well what has made our country, India modern?  The several rape cases that we read about in the newspaper where from a new born baby to a seventy year old lady is not spared but raped or the recent implementation of the section 377, corruption, ragging, begging, child marriage to add to the never ending list of the not so modern and immoral country. Immoral? Yes, that is how I would express India. People say we should be proud of our country well except for roadways, highways and technology brought from other nations what has our country done for us? Well, according to me nothing. I still feel scared to step out of my house no matter what the time is, the number of beggars on streets have been increasing, seven years imprisonment for the rapists and a lifetime for the LGBT clan and we proudly call ourselves modern and advanced BULLSHIT!!!!.
The day the rapes, corruption, child marriages, honor killings, begging, come to an end. Well that will be the day when I will call myself a proud and happy citizen of MODERN INDIA.


Thursday, 12 December 2013

Why Should We Listen To Our Heart

A hollow muscular organ of vertebrate animals that by its rhythmic contraction acts as a force pump for maintaining the circulation of the blood. Well, this was the scientific definition of heart and definitely not the reason as to why we should listen to the ‘beating’ organ.
I would like to explain the reason as why should we listen to our heart with the help of an example.
I recently broke up my boyfriend it was a two year long relationship. We were very much in love and everything was going pretty smoothly. Now you would be thinking as to what led to the break up. Well, he went to Jaipur for a trip where even I was supposed to go in fact it was me who told him about the trip. Anyway, he went
He goes for the trip and is hardly in contact with me and the messages he sent me were sort of rude. I sent him a text on the second day of his trip saying that you should have the sincerity to ask me whether I am doing  good or not and his reply was again rude saying I don’t have time they are keeping  us busy, okay I kept calm he had gone out for a trip he must busy. The very same night I get a message from saying that he is all drunk and out of his senses I get worried and take the screen captures of his messages and send it to his friend. His friend was not believing me because their religion (Islamic) does not allow them to drink. His friend asked me to chill and wait till he comes back. Now you must be wondering as to why did I send those screen captures to his friend simple reason I was worried about him and I knew he won’t be able to handle all of it
The next day he came back from the trip called me and I told him that I told his friend about the alcohol he had. And then what happened I could have never imagined he started shouting and abusing I asked him to forgive me but he was firm on his decision of breaking up with me. I told him to forgive me because even I did when he double dated me, ‘’so what if I double date you?’’ was his reply. I was broken and shattered he told me he did not drink it was his friend who was drunk and sent those texts to him but now nobody will listen to him as many of his friends had seen the screen captures and they all in fact his entire community will hate him for something he did not do and he can’t do anything but BREAK UP because I broke his trust.
Well he did break up not just the relationship he broke me I told him to think calmly about what he was doing but he was firm abused me again and told me not to call him back.
Our friends tried to sort out the matter but he just refused to come back. Meanwhile in college some of my friends told me not to call him back and forget him. They tried to fix it in my mind that yes nothing could happen and I deserved someone way better. The first three days all I did was bitch about him with full guilt in my heart. But they say that when you are broken it’s easy to play with your heart nobody told me to look back and just made me hate the guy who was as important as breathing to me. I wanted to look back and that’s what I did.
He always appreciated and wanted me to enroll in some beauty competition something I never did and this time I did enroll myself in some stupid online contest. He shared the picture and asked everybody to support me and I sent him a thank you message on facebook he never replied. I sent him another message which talked about our first meeting way back in 2010 when we were nothing but ex school mates well written was all he said. His friends told me he wasn’t happy without me and will call me I was impatient I messaged him again and told him to call me or at least reply to my message he said he will when feels stable. This gave me the surety that yes he does not want me anymore. After six long days my phone looked fresh and beautiful again you know why? He called me I was so happy I told him I want him back he said he does not have time and does not want a relationship he is too busy with college and gym and won’t be able to give me time he then said good bye asking me not to cry. He then said all the messages I received regarding him being drunk were not true he will not something that will make his parents hate him and it was his friend who was drunk and sent me the messages and he even called his mom. I told him he too had broken my trust and I did that too. He broke my trust out of lust and I because of care. We both went wrong somewhere but in the end I forgave him and he did not. He kept the phone leaving me with a promise that he will call me again. He did call and I started crying again my tears did not seem to stop. He told me to speak up my mind I told him I want  him back, I want my best friend back I want the guy who loves me the most back I promised I won’t do anything that will lead him to break up. He never talked about breaking up but when he did he did it without thinking I was talking and talking crying and crying. I had no clue that he was saying something on the other end but when I realized those words changed the whole scene tears of pain and distress left my eyes and happiness and warmth started pouring out from them we were back.
Had I listened to my friends I would have never messaged him and I would have had to wait for his call which was never supposed to come as early as six days. 
I listened to my heart I listened to my instincts I did what I wanted to and now we are happier than before. TOUCHWOOD!!!

When you love from your heart then why think from your mind. Since that day I have never thought I just did what I felt was right. I did make mistakes but I don’t regret them. You know yourself better than anybody it’s easy to manipulate your mind but your heart, it knows you the best. So listen to your heart and go with the flow. Life has both good and bad things in stock for everybody.

               LOVE MAKES LIFE LIVE